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Happy New Year!


2010 passed as many years do with a mix of memorable and forgettable moments which rolled together create another year. I am certain that most of the readers of this letter will recognize the fact that they have not received a Holiday Greeting from our family in quite some time. For this we will apologize. However, we do wish to inform you that your letters and cards are eagerly received and enjoyed.  

Eldest daughter Martine and her husband Matt Lueck have two bouncing baby boys – Carter Matthew age 4 and Owen Patrick age 2 and they are expecting a third addition to the household this spring. They own the house on the dairy farm where Martine is herd manager at Harmony-Ho and Matt is multi tasking as a summer road construction crew member, creates and installs decorative concrete countertops under his newly formed business and occasionally works as a sales rep for our cheese plant Harmony Specialty Dairy. Second and youngest daughter Rachel lives in Stratford with her fiancé Stephen Hryndej with their two little rascals Masyn Allyn age 3.5 years and Emerie Anastastia age 8 months. Rachel is a Massage Therapist specializing in pain relief and owns and operates her business “Relief! Soft Tissue Therapies” in Marshfield. She is attending classes at UWSP in pursuit of an advanced degree in “Wellness” and has recently accepted a position as an instructor at Globe University in Wausau. Stephen is a self employed contractor performing residential and commercial remodels and renovations. Rachel and Stephen have an outdoor wedding ceremony planned for September 10th, 2011 in Wausau.  

There does not seem to be an absence of appointments on anyone’s calendar! The grandkids are great – after some careful observation I have taken to affectionately calling Carter, Owen and Masyn the “terrorists”. We love them all lots and are very appreciative of our close proximity. Sharon and I thought we were doing quite well until the relative high energy level of the “terrorists” indicated otherwise. We find ourselves at an age where the following statement possesses real meaning “We cannot work as hard as we used to – but we still feel good doing nothing!” And my how we have been blessed to have acquired over the years a group of friends who are extremely adept at “doing nothing” which leaves us in very good company. Boating, biking, walking, hiking, snowmobiling, traveling, gardening, landscaping, football games, dance parties, children and grandchildren events all intermingled with our business duties and obligations at the dairy farm and cheese plant - no shortage of opportunities for personal fulfillment and gratification exists in that list! What a wonderful life!  

We wish everyone a joyous and prosperous 2011 – call, email or text if you are in the area – the door is always open!

Ralph and Sharon Bredl



Happy New Year!

The Bredl’s



Matt, Martine, Stephen, Rachel, Emerie, Masyn, Sharon, Owen, Ralph, Carter



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