Announcing the opportunity to purchase genetically superior, biosecurity ensured Herd Sires. In the fall of 1999 Harmony-Ho Holsteins and Badger Holsteins pooled resources to develop a registered Holstein herd sire enterprise which could meet the growing and changing needs of their fellow dairymen. The goal of this enterprise is to provide large numbers of genetically superior - biosecurity ensured herd sires generated from within the Badger Holsteins and Harmony-Ho Holsteins herds.

Badger Holsteins of Unity LLC is a 550 cow registered Holstein dairy owned by Larry and Virginia Meyer and their sons and daughter-in-laws, Jeff and Louanne, Terry and Stacy. The herd has a current rolling average of over 29,000# milk, +900# protein and +1000# fat. The Meyer family historically has placed a heavy emphasis on type trait improvement, which has led to the achievement of a 25% cull rate while maintaining exceptional production.

Harmony-Ho Holsteins is a 450 cow registered Holstein dairy owned by Ralph and Sharon Bredl, and daughter Martine. The herd has maintained a rolling average of 29,000-31,000# milk, +900# protein and +1000# fat. Goals for the future are to continue to average over 90# milk/cow/day while increasing milk protein percentage and maintaining the historically low cull rate of 25%. The Bredl family has placed a heavy emphasis on Net Merit Index in their Sire selection criteria.

Validus Certified - More than ever before, consumers are concerned about the way animals are raised and handled on the farm. Validus offers consumers third-party verification that producers are adhering to acceptable animal welfare standards. 

armony Ho Dairy has successfully completed the Assessment portion of the Validus Animal Welfare review process. Click on the certificate to view a larger image.

Badger Holsteins and Harmony-Ho Holsteins have a long history of breeding high producing dairy cows with excellent type traits, resulting in a strong demand for females and herd sires. Both herds have been AI sired for over 30 years. Sire selection criteria have remained focused and rigid, using only sires which will positively improve the udder, feet and legs and overall body conformation, while ranking near the top of the breed for Net Merit Index. The Meyer and Bredl families are excited and proud to provide their fellow dairymen with a herd sire product resulting from years of intensive production, biosecurity and genetic selection efforts.

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Biosecurity information

A stringent Biosecurity program was implemented by Badger Holsteins and Harmony-Ho Holsteins in 1996. This program revolves around testing, vaccinating and on site practices designed to grow disease free animals.

All herd sires are housed at one site in Stratford, Wisconsin.
Contact Information:

Ralph Bredl, Jr.
C1956 Riviera Drive
Stratford, WI 54484
Phone: Office 715-687-4236
Fax 715-687-4011

Badger Holsteins
Larry Meyer
W2031 County Rd K Unity, WI 54488
Phone or Fax 715-223-2827