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Trainee Positions Available
Harmony-Ho Holsteins has been hosting foreign trainees since 1991. Most of the trainees have participated in an extremely well coordinated program; MAST

Harmony-Ho Holsteins is located in Marathon County in the state of Wisconsin, heart of America’s dairy land, with Madison serving as the host city for the World Dairy Expo. The population of the area consists largely of a German, Polish and Scandinavian ancestry with a strong dairy tradition. The climate varies greatly from winter to summer with extremes in each season. The community of Stratford (3 miles north) has a population of 1400 with the city of Marshfield (10 miles south) having a population of 20,000. You will be living in a four bedroom farm house located 3.5 miles from the main farm along with 4-5 other students. Please be prepared to buy a car as soon as you arrive (approximately $1200 will buy a good used car).

Every effort is made to provide a challenging rewarding and fun work experience while at Harmony-Ho Holsteins. We look forward to your arrival and participation in our business.

To receive further information please refer to the "contact us" page of this site.

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Harmony Ho Holsteins
Ralph, Jr., and Sharon Bredl
C1956 Riviera Drive
Stratford, WI 54484
Phone Office: 715-687-4236; Fax: 715-687-4011
EMail: ralph@harmonyspecialty.com